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June 50000

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June 50000


June 29th, 2006

Meet My Protagonist

June 50K
So, I decided to completely scrap my original idea and do a fly by the seat of your pants, weird ass, first person jaunt into the bowels of my psyche. No editing, no second guessing, just going with the first idea that comes to my mind and typing until I get to 10K. Which means I'm starting from word one but hell I have tonight and all of tomorrow.

So, meet Stacy. Or Stacey. Or perhaps Staci. No, no, definitely Stacy. Stacy is 26 and lives in a stunning five bedroom Victorian in University City. She is attending Penn working on her doctorate in cultural anthropology. She has two boyfriends, James and (Deon? Tyrell?) Boy 2, although she only claims one. Generally, good natured, she spends her time volunteering for MANNA and reading to old people at the local senior center. Stacy's favorite thing in the world is to humiliate men. She takes great joy in it. Which is good because she makes her living as a dominatrix. Three nights a week, Stacy and (Savion? Mathias?) Boy 2, open up the basement of her stunning house and debase rich men for $750 an hour.

So who is your main character? Tell us about him or her. What are they like? What do they do? Give us a quick peek at their inner world.

This is one of the many exercises I was supposed give during the course of month before I pretty much just forgot about this poor group.

June 25th, 2006

Hmmm. Perhaps I have been a little neglectful of our group. Perhaps I have not been giving this thing the time and love it needs to grow. Perhaps, PERHAPS, I have let poolin' and carousing stand in the way of this latest endeavor. Well that shit's over!

We have one week to do an extreme push. In honor of our waning self respect, I propose a new challenge. 10, 000 words by the end of this week. I don't know about you but I am NOT addicted to failure. And a big "No, thank you" to novel writing 2 months. We are going to come away with something from this month. If not a whole novel, than certainly a kickass beginning.

By the way, my word count so far is 1273. My goal for next week 10, 000 words.

June 7th, 2006


Not much seems to be happening here in the community. I hope that's because all of us are diligently writing our novels.

Anyway, I'm off to Las Vegas and the YearlyKos convention. Be back Monday, and I expect to see things jumping by then.

June 3rd, 2006

Captain Picard

woman wearing a miniature
Oh, the pain. Can someone help me think up a plot? Otherwise I just write the same boring thing over and over again, two characters having a boring conversation about nothing. A. has helpfully suggested a space opera or a novel about the sea faring life (except there already is a novel about Cpt. Ahab's wife, and that's so my pocket right there--the mincing about and the relationships side of things considered with as much loving care as Melville devotes to Whale Facts. I hope that chick author did all that when she STOLE MY FRICKIN IDEA!!!!)

My other big idea is to do some kind of parody of the traditional Chick Lit book plot, in which the heroine has a bad boyfriend and a bad job and then gives her life a makeover, usually while working in publishing in Manhattan. But, like, in mine, see, she'd work at a bookstore or a library...or something. Not so good with the plots or the characters or the settings and all. Maybe I shouldn't be starting at the beginning, cause I don't know how to begin.

I was glad to hear E.'s writing angst because I was getting real cranky about the poorness of June 1st output and fearing that I'd squandered the writing mojo I had going a little bit in college, through lack of practice and many fried brain cells. We all better just get to it, I guess, so we can hurry up and write our second novels about the difficulties of being a famous author. Y, we need some NANOWRIMO-style pep talks.

June 2nd, 2006

This is 2006. That was August 1987-August 1988. Almost 20 years have gone by since the events that planted the idea, the desire for this novel in my mind (and yes, I'm very pissed that I succumb to the cliche that first novels are autobiographical, almost pissed enough to say fuck it and write a theological techno-thriller instead).

It's almost painful reopening these ideas and memories. It's been so long. Twenty god damn years of thinking about a novel and doing nothing about it...I feel ashamed and angry at myself. How can I remember properly what I was feeling so long ago? How can I recreate it?

And I also wonder if any of it even matters to me any more, my outlook shifted and deepened by twenty years of experiences and life changes? Just drop it and move on, it's the clinging to these long past moments that paralyzes me. None of that matters anymore. I don't care about it all anymore to write about it.

Or maybe THAT is what feels so painful: that the questions I had 20 years ago do indeed still feel unresolved today, and how can that be? Have I learned nothing?

Matbe I do still need to write this. But the area of my brain where this novel dwells feels atrophied, and it seems so horribly hard to re-animate it....

June 1st, 2006


Look at me play with the Lj features.

Poll #739871 Optimism?

Do you think you're going to finish your novel?

Can you write from the bar?

Here we go...

It is now official. The June 50K Challenge has begun, so let the stressing, fretting, and procrastinating begin!

May 19th, 2006

Two Weeks

Exactly 14 days from now we start the June 50000. I've made this community to provide support and make nagging easier for me. 14 days... That's just not long, at all. Are you ready? Will you make an outline and go in a very orderly fashion from beginning to end? Or are you going to jump in and see where it goes? I think on Monday I'll start an outline. Jumping in just doesn't work for me. I tend to go under and drown.

Bulletin!!! I have decided to allow non-fiction so the non-novel writers can get in on the gig. I'm just not into excluding anybody. Hopefully, even more people will join us for this little bit of torture.

The countdown begins...
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